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    I was born in Kingston, JA known also as Jamaica West Indies, a small but vibrant Island with good hardworking people. We were raised by a single mom and we moved to America when I was 11 years old. Our first city my family moved to in America was Brooklyn, Eastern Parkway.

We have a lot of extended family in Flatbush and Long Island, and church every week was mandatory.

    We moved from Brooklyn to Allerton the Bronx, but three years or so later settled in suburban Mount Vernon because mama wanted us to go to Mount Vernon schools even though we lived in the Bronx. We eventually had to move to Mount Vernon. I got married at 19 years old, and have three beautiful children. Got five siblings, four living and one has passed. RIP Gary.

 I wrote my first 300 pages plus novel at 21 and had it published a year or so later. It was a fictional historical romance because that was what I was into when I was that age. I am a hopeless romantic, still am, I wrote it by myself fumbling and all, with no ghost writers, no editing except for the publisher who took care of some of the typos as much as they could which I appreciated.

    I am actually a high school dropout. I dropped out in tenth grade and got my GED at a Mount Vernon high school extension. Personally, I think the GED test is punishment for dropping out. Whoever devised this way of earning your high school credentials sure taught me a lesson, I had no idea I passed it and was pretty surprised I did. So being a high school dropout doesn't have to stop you from learning or completing your E.D goals. Now I live on the West Coast.

   At the end of the day, I am an artist at heart. Besides my family, music is my passion. My musical influences have no boundaries whatsoever. They include both living and passed on musicians. I listen to everything. I still think old school music is second to none.

My first EP titled Socially Inept EP 1 is available in digital stores so go check it out :), stream it or purchase from the music retailers of your choice. As much of the carriers of my music are listed on the home page and the singer-songwriter page as can be found so you can navigate to their links easily, your support supports us all. If you have been to any of my shows feel free to drop a comment on my SMs. If you carry my music and I don't have you on here, please do feel free to send me the links via that contact form, it just means it couldn't be found or didn't show up in the search but I would love to list you as well. Thanks for reading.

Former Hometown
New York

Education Connections

Ashford. B.A.
Delaware County College. A.A.S
Mount Vernon HS
Franko Middle School

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